Student Enjoys Success of Climbing the Alpine Tower during Outdoor Education Trip

Outdoor Education: Out of the Classroom into the Wild!

The spring outdoor education season is in full swing at the Ranch.   Schools from across the state of Florida converge at Circle F for their trips.   These one, two, three, and in some cases week long trips, expose their student population to a whole new world.   Stepping out of the classroom is an adventure for both the teacher and students ...
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Spring Break Climber

Spring Break Camp, Gateway to Summer Camp?

Why choose spring break camp? Camps across the United States are gearing up for their spring break camps.   Spring sessions offer children a great alternative to a week at the babysitters.  A mix of outdoor activities, new friends, and healthy personal growth accompany most camp experiences.  Spring camps also provide parents who are unsure if their child is ready for ...
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Summer Camp Counselors

Do you have what it takes to be a Summer Camp Counselor?

What is a Summer Counselor: Many college aged young adults think that being a summer camp counselor sounds like a fun summer job.  Hundreds of counselor’s applications flood into Camp Director’s email boxes every year.    They dream of an easy summer job.   The real work of a camp counselor is much more difficult, but can be very rewarding.   The magic that is ...
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Olympics Day

Summer Camp makes 65 year postive Impact in Florida

Florida has changed a lot in the last 65 years, but one Florida institution that has stood the test of time is Circle F Dude Ranch Camp.   This classic sleep-away camp and guest ranch, which still looks much like it did when it started in 1952, is situated on a private lake among 500 acres of oak trees in central ...
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Camper's Play

4 Steps for Better Play with a Purpose

4 Steps for Better Play with a Purpose by Ben Moss Not long after I started as the director of Circle F Dude Ranch, I found myself in a conversation about the camp’s mission with Paul Wells, owner of camp.   We discussed many things but one of the things we came back to often was that children do not have ...
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“I light the Pillar of Experience”

“I Light the Pillar of Experience ”  by 7 Year Camper, Coral. This week we bring you a Campfire Speech from the 2016 Season.   At the closing of each session, campers and staff gather to reflect on the true meaning of camp.   Pillar torches are lit and campers speak on a chosen topic.   It is an honor to be selected ...
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“Really me? I can’t believe it; I am so honored,” were the excited words of Dori a 15-year-old third year camper selected to light the 2016 opening campfire at Circle F Dude Ranch Camp. Her contagious positive attitude mixed with an amazing approach to camp made her the perfect representative to be honored with the opening of our camp season ...
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We have all become accustomed to instantaneously communication with our friends and loved ones through our phones, computers, and other devices.   I recently saw a refrigerator that can receive text messages and display them on a screen on the door.  I am not sure how I feel about this, but it is clear that electronic communication is part of our ...
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Glacier Two

Exciting Week at Circle F Dude Ranch Camp

Last week was a super exciting and busy week here at camp. With just two weeks to the start of staff training and a little over three weeks to the start of summer camp, everything is abuzz with activity in the office.  This week saw the arrival of extreme sports Department head Jeremy Freeman and other leadership team staff will be ...
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OVERCOMING HOMESICKNESS AT CAMP! By Ben Moss The number one reason parents give for not sending their child to sleep away camp is that the child is not ready for camp.  Most parents fear their camper will face homesickness and not be able to handle the camp setting.   In a recent blog post I wrote about techniques that parents can ...
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