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Welcome to the Circle F Dude Ranch Camp’s staff page! We take great pride in our amazing summer counselors and we appreciate your interest in joining our team. We continually accept online applications and are currently interviewing candidates for our 2018 staff. If you choose to apply, please have your 3 reference questionnaires completed as soon as possible, as we prefer to have them in before your interview. If you have any questions about the application or interview process, please contact us at the summer camp office. Office hours! Thanks again for your interest in Circle F Dude Ranch Camp.

More than 70 select people from all over the United States and abroad comprise the Circle F Dude Ranch Camp summer staff. Circle F attracts people who want to make a difference in the lives of young people and who share a common goal with the Circle F mission to make the summer a fun,

empowering and enriching experience for all of our campers. From September to May, we recruit on college campuses throughout the country and conduct phone interviews endeavoring to assemble a strong and capable staff team. We also hire international staff through Staff Placement Agencies who work around the globe.

Circle F provides a special environment in which to meet remarkable people. Circle F Dude Ranch summer camp Staff members work together closely and form great and lasting friendships.
Please take a couple of minutes to discover more about what it means to be a Circle F Dude Ranch Camp Counselor.

1.Who is Circle F Dude Ranch Camp?

Circle F Dude Ranch Camp was founded in 1952 and has been in continuous operation ever since. We are a privately owned premier sleep away camp.

Circle F Dude Ranch Camp is located in the heart of Florida. Camp sits in the center of a 500 acre Oak forest only an hour south of the major attractions of Orlando, FL. Built around Sunset Lake, Camp’s own private 45 acre spring-fed lake, Camp enjoys the famous Florida sunny and warm days and comfortable evenings.

Each year, Circle F Dude Ranch welcomes boys and girls from all over the United States and many foreign countries for sessions ranging from 10 days to 3 weeks. The campers range in age from 6 to 16. The return rate of our campers is amazing. Circle F Dude Ranch Camp has seen generations of families come through our gates. Many campers follow older brothers and sisters to camp.

At Circle F Dude Ranch Camp, our mission is to provide opportunities for the emotional, physical and social growth of our campers and staff. Our parents trust that Circle F Dude Ranch will provide a unique, safe, and special experience for their child. We do this by creating a camp community that is focused on being both safe and healthy and reinforcing positive self-image. Our highest goal is to provide an enjoyable and special summer that encourages our campers to build upon their existing courage, confidence and personal self-worth.

Circle F Dude Ranch Camp’s program is unique in that it offers campers complete freedom in selecting activities. It is possible for a camper to specialize in several activities throughout the summer, such as tennis, archery, theatre, Skate Park, rock climbing, etc. Campers can also, instead, take a more broad approach sampling all of the activities and expanding their horizons. The scope of our program recognizes the individual needs and interests of the campers allowing each camper to grow at a level that best fits their personal ability.

2.Who works at Circle F Dude Ranch Camp?

Each year, the Circle F’s Summer Camp team is chosen from students, graduates and faculty from schools and colleges throughout the United States and World. A camp’s biggest strength is its counselor staff and that is why we actively seek people with personality, character, stability and warmth. Most importantly, we look for staff members with a sincere desire to work and live with children with the hope of making a positive difference in their lives. Our counselors must be able to be positive role models by setting good examples through their words, actions, appearance and relationships.

3.Why work at Circle F Dude Ranch Camp?

Create Lasting Friendships
Working at Circle F Dude Ranch Camp’s Summer Camp is a unique opportunity to share your talents and passions with young people and fellow staff. Circle F’s atmosphere of family, friendship, and fun combined with working in unison with other like-minded people creates friendships that last a lifetime. Meet extraordinary people from across the country and world. Get Outdoors and have an Adventure. You could spend your summer inside a windowless downtown office, campus job, or waiting tables, but at Circle F Dude Ranch Camp each summer is an outdoor adventure in beautiful central Florida. Enjoy gaining experience that will last a lifetime while being surrounded by ancient oak trees filled with hanging Spanish moss that brings back memories of old Florida. Enjoy Florida’s blue skies and warm sunny days on our private 43 acre lake and white sand beach or take a personal adventure on a day off to one of Florida’s amazing beaches or the many major amusement parks in Orlando located just an hour away from camp.

Why Pay Rent for the summer.
When you work as a counselor, you live onsite for the summer so your room and board is provided. Enjoy great tasting meals prepared for you at breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day.

Training that lasts a lifetime.
Every Circle F Dude Ranch Camp staff member starts the summer with 7 days of staff training. You’ll spend time with professionals in the fields of child development, group dynamics and wilderness medicine. You’ll learn about leadership and team building, and how to positively impact the lives of others—great skills in any work situation. The training is applicable to most any career you choose to pursue. A successful camp experience helps you develop flexibility, integrity and leadership skills. You’ll gain experience in exercising judgment in many different situations, taking initiative, communicating effectively and maintaining a high level of energy. Most importantly, you’ll have fun with great people and be provided the rare opportunity to make an extraordinary impact on a young person’s life.

Time for Yourself
We want you to be enthusiastic and happy about your work and recognize that you need some time off for rest and relaxation. Camp life is structured and demanding and a high energy level is important for a successful summer.

4.What Can I Expect From Being A Circle F Dude Ranch Camp Counselor?

Working at a Circle F Dude Ranch Camp is a difficult but very rewarding job. We want to be sure you understand the commitment you would be making for the summer.

Counselor Life
The life of a Circle F Dude Ranch Camp cabin counselor is a special position. Counselors are expected to be positive role models to their cabin group and the camp population as a whole. This can be a very demanding role since counselors spend close to 24 hours a day 7 days a week with campers and have limited personal privacy. Counselors live, eat and sleep with their group of 10 campers and a co-counselor in an open cabin setting. Throughout the day counselors will be in direct interaction with campers at activities, siesta and evening programs. These ongoing interactions can leave the most energized person feeling exhausted at the end of the day.

The Challenges
The dynamics of summer camp creates many varied situations. Counselors can expect moments of frustration in dealing with other campers and staff. Counselors will find themselves mediating conflicts in an ever changing environment, but can also look forward to personal triumphs and the sense of pride when a camper succeeds in something new because of their guidance.

The Weather
This is a summer camp job so counselors should expect that 90% of their job will be outside. This sometimes means working in hot and cold temperatures, rain and bugs. Counselors have to be mindful to the fact that their campers are experiencing the same conditions they are and maintain a good attitude. The Good news is that in the last year all of our cabins, the dining hall, and recreation hall have been equipped with air conditioning which make them very comfortable even in the warmest of days.

This is not like any other job you might work this summer. It can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life however, it’s not easy to adapt to a new situation, even if you are an enthusiastic person. We work hard to make your transition to camp life easy as possible with a good deal of training and support:

A one-week staff Orientation prior to the campers’ arrival allows the chance to get to know your fellow staff members as we prepare for the summer. We use a variety of formats to acquaint you with situations that will arise during the season. By the end of Orientation, you’ll have a good view of our perspective on camping and our expectations.

Staff meetings are held regularly in small and large groups to enable us to communicate freely and discuss issues and areas of concern.

We have an open-door policy at camp. You are welcome and encouraged to approach the head counselors or directors with any of your concerns.